it was time to leave.

I could do a bunch of important sh*t better than the managers could– and I was a *summer hire*?! Also the whole manager-harassment thing was fun for literally no one. The new COO had no clue what he was doing; the store was a mess. Wouldn’t be surprised if the location went under. It was that bad.

I have a second job on top of going to school full time

Because you called at 5am for a week straight asking me to cover your shift.

Assh*le Bosses

You expect us to run the registers and the front end and everything in between but refuse to help us when we need it. And then you yell at us when something doesnt get done. If we didnt have to do everyone else’s job, we could do our own.

Simple Equation

Work relationships = bad idea. Watching your awkward interactions was distracting, learn to separate work and play!

Only think about yourself.

I told you I wasn’t making enough money to eat and pay my bills, you said you’d give me more hours, and gave me two 4-hour shifts, and anything that went wrong you blamed on the shift leads, who only got paid a dollar above minimum wage for doing managerial duties.


Because the store managers covered up multiple thefts, until I reported you to loss prevention, after which you threatened to have me fired for theft for accidentally using the wrong product one time.

Get your shit together…seriously.

I asked a month in advance to have a weekend off to go to my best friend’s wedding. You said that wouldn’t be a problem. I reminded you about closer to the date. You still said it’d be okay. Then when the schedule came out, you had me booked all weekend and said I’m not allowed time off, ever.

And also, your “long-term employees” are lazy,ignorant,disrespectful asses.

A week and a half after I got hired, you had me training someone else. This was the midnight shift, we were required to have everything ready for the next day and I was only trained on making coffee. I’d get yelled at everyday for things not being done. Yet, you refused to properly train me!

lazy ass.

You bitch about me not being able to work mornings because you don’t want to do it. I work two jobs to earn what you do & closing at midnight to come here 6 hours later every day is bullshit. Now you’re bitching about how I can’t lift heavy printers & that I’m always tired? I’M PREGNANT, ASSHOLE!

No Holidays

Because when I asked for leave (first leave request in over 18 months) you didn’t answer me, walked over to the desk of the son of the director of the company and said “Geez you’ve not had leave awhile, did you want to take a holiday?”.